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With the prospect of “getting based in southern Taiwan, looking to the Asia-Pacific region, and going towards globalization”, National University of Kaohsiung has emphasized innovation and integration. For the goal of cultivating all kinds of talents, the combination of theory and practice is one of the top things to do. Hence, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are also centered on implementing this spirit.

1. Quality and Diversified “NUK Digital School”

So far, teachers and students of NUK have been encouraged to develop MOOCs and to take classes by annual plans from Ministry of Education in 2014, 2015 and the school reward system. In addition, MOOCs initiated “course groups” which made the past single curriculum knowledge into specific courses: link knowledge and concepts systematically with each other. The current major five course groups include “Globalization and the Local Culture”, “Kaohsiung Science”, “Vietnamese Learning”, “Environmental CEO”, and “Thai Learning”. Other kinds of single professional courses are open, too.

2. International and Distinctive MOOCs with Chinese in Southern Taiwan

NUK MOOCs integrate the advantages of existing featured departments, and people around the world are welcome to learn online. Not only establishing quality digital education for all but also combining the distinctive MOOCs in NUK to highlight the idea “humanistic Kaohsiung”. On the basis of “life practice” and “local consciousness”, NUK MOOCs are devoted to reflecting the founding spirit and objective —— “innovation and practice”.
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